Saturday, 26 May 2012

galaxy ace update for 5830i

Hey frnds today i'm gonna tell u how to update ur GALAXY ACE 5830i

This is a basic deodexed for samsung galaxy ace s5830i only "DDLA2 (XXLA2)" 

What does it do ? 

1. Deodexes your ROM (removes .odex files and saves internal space)
2. Roots your phone and adds superuser.(latest)
3. If you have flashed a theme and want to revert back to default stock theme then flash it.
4. Deletes all the installed apps and retores the factory apps.
5. Will update all d Apps
6. New PLAY STORE added..! (much Faster)
7. Sum app problem removed..!
8. 1% battery mod added..!
9. ICS animation..!
10.MIUI music player


>>> Make sure you are using it on DDLA2 (XXLA2)<<<

Downloading Links :-

Deodexed_DDLA2(XXLA2)_ace(s5830i) ---

How to Installation :-

1. Download the file for DDLA2 (XXLA2)
2. Place it in the root of the sdcard.(not in any folder)
3. Flash it via recovery.(Press middle key+power key+up volum button)
4. Do a factor reset.


>>>Please make sure you are using 5830i DDLA2 (XXLA2)<<<


  1. i tried installing a theme/ rom but, the boot animation keeps on playing over for about 4 times and before shutting down. I tried factory resetting but no result. I previously rooted the device. Will that affect it? i can't do anything now. Please Help

    1. did you follow all the steps(instructions) which i wrote......
      u know firstly Download the rom from ...............

      and then place it on ur sdcard not in any folder after that follow 3re step and then reboot...... first start up will take 10 to 15 mins...... :)

    2. My phone is bricked HELP!

  2. My cell is bricked now wat to do ?

  3. chutiya bana diya na bhosadi ka

    tere baje se i hv also bricked my fone

  4. u open the blog sites and upload any thing with check that before this kind of guys open sites and copying from another sites...

  5. how to remove that theme once flashed....pls help